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SATURDAY, MARCH 30, 2019, 1:30 PM - 5 PM

Natural Dyes are super-popular right now, and for all the right reasons!

An Eco-Centered Craft -- Natural Dyes offer the best of so many worlds. The Arts, Crafts, Nature, Cooking, Science + Math.

If you've ever looked into it, you might have been intimidated (e.g. fiber-types, scour, mordant, temperatures, quantities, and of course, so many dyes?!?). At this hands-on, experiential workshop you'll learn the basics so you can go home, ready to experiment with a wide range of fiber-fabric types, mordants, and natural dyestuffs.

Join me, as we dive into a brief history of Natural Dyes, Fabric Types, and Learn the Whole Process.

We'll Scour, Mordant, Dye and Rinse together, learning the basics of an ancient art form and practice.

* A Booklet -- "Intro to Natural Dyes"
* A Fabric Sample from each Natural Dye Pot
* 2 Scarves to Dye -- your choice: Chiffon Silk, Habotai Silk, or Rayon-Bamboo (Vegan)

This workshop is perfect for a DIY-Learning Opportunity, a Friend's-Fun-Date, or a Creative-Weekend-Experience! And, I'll have other scarves, as well as Natural Dye Kits on-hand if you're interested in buying more to dye on-site or at home.

Click HERE to purchase your ticket.

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Adding rich color, freedom in experimentation, purpose

& self-discovery to the SoCal experience!

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I am a teacher at heart. Always have been.

Each grade in school I thought: "I'd love to do that!!!" And as each year progressed, I thought every age/grade level was EVEN better.

By the time I was at UC Berkeley finishing up my BA in English and Ethnic Studies, I finally thought, "Nah, I'll join the Peace Corps instead."

So I did. And I ended up in a tiny village in the rainforest in Suriname, South America. And guess what my new community wanted most?! Help re-building a school...starting an After School Program...learning English...learning how to farm more efficiently...learning how to write grants for future projects.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Education is the key to Exploration, Self-Expression, and our Collective Future.

It is the whole Universe.

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Long story, short. I came home, worked in the Non-Profit/Education field. Had three kids.Moved around the state of California. Homeschooled. And then found this new path...where I'm returning to the Learning-Teaching Cycle once again to teach what's dear to me in this moment ~ Weaving and Natural Dye Workshops.

For information about upcoming SoCal Workshops, follow me on Instagram  or Facebook  and be sure to subscribe to my occasional updates via email.

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