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Mindfully Made




                      Natural Fibers

                      Natural Dyes




Wall Hangings benefit from a gentle, yearly dose of fresh air, either outdoors or near an open window.


To air, hang in a well-ventilated area for a few hours before returning to your preferred location.






Wearables & Accessories need to be washed occasionally. Though if it's a variety of wool, bamboo, or hemp, it will benefit from its naturally-antibacterial nature and will require washing less often.


Instructions for Hand WovensHand-Dye Care follow.  Please look at the fiber contents of your piece and proceed.






In order to best care for your Handwovens, an occasional gentle hand washing with a delicate soap & cold water is best.


1. Gently hand wash in cold water. Use delicate soap, or if Wool, wool-safe soap.


2. Gently squeeze out excess water.


3. Lay flat and roll up in a large towel.


4. Remove from towel. Lay flat to dry.


5. When nearly dry, optionally follow Pressing Care below for a crisper look.





In order to best care for your Hand-Dyed Textiles, always wash separately.

Color bleed can continue after the dye process is complete, though generally minimal.


Dyes are handwash-safe and fade-resistant, though all dyes fade with extended durations in direct sunlight &/or washing with harsh cleansers.


An occasional gentle hand washing with a delicate soap and cold water is perfect. Lay flat to dry. Then, follow Pressing Care, as needed, if a crisper look is preferred.





Many textiles look great as-is, freshly laundered, but for those that are enhanced with Pressing, follow the care instructions below.


First, determine what fiber your textile includes.


If your piece contains: SILK or WOOL (Merino, Cashmere, Mohair, Alpaca, Charmeuse, Habotai, etc.), use low to medium heat, with NO steam.

* Additionally, for Silk, iron on the backside of the natural, shiny finish.


If your piece contains: LINEN, RAYON, COTTON or VISCOSE, use medium to high heat, with medium to full steam.


Always use a Pressing Cloth to protect your textile while using a hot iron.


* NOTE: All pieces are ready to hang and/or wear upon arrival. Wearables have been hand washed and pressed before shipping.