Hi, my name is Jeanine Ertl!


I'm Owner, Weaver & Natural Dyer at my home business, ANINI Designs, nestled in the foothills of the Southern California Mountains.


Always interested in finding ways to add Harmony, Beauty + Depth to my Life and Space, I've found Weaving and Natural Dye to be a medicine for the Creative Soul.


At ANINI Designs I am committed to offering supplies + creating textiles that speak in conversation with, for, and in support of our amazingly complex environment.


Slow-Crafted. Mindfully Made.

Consciously Created. Eco-Friendly.

ANINIdesigns-Jeanine Ertl Owner, Weaver,

My journey with Fiber + Textiles began as a child.

I adored piles of colorful yarn and fabric.

I always felt that in some other life, I'd been someone who breathed life into these mediums.


As my path wound its way, I fell in love with the Nature of Story-Telling and pursued Lit + Ethnic Studies; married my High School Love; taught in the Amazon Rainforest while in the Peace Corps; returned to California; and eventually started a family while moving up & down the West Coast.


But it wasn't until my mid-30's that I finally set out to understand my infatuation with fiber. I tried Knitting. Crochet. Sewing. Felting. All required little investment...but none were a natural fit. So I finally

indulged my long-time curiosity and found myself with a small loom, and at long last, deeply in love.

I found myself nurtured, connected and aligned with Warp + Weft.

Meditative Weaving has been a place of unpacking emotions. Subconsciously discovering new frontiers. Understanding intertwinement. And learning to be gracious, not just with the World, but with Myself.


A few years ago I returned to my birthplace of Southern California. And although the depth and richness of the Redwood forest, where I learnt to Weave, has now been replaced with cacti + shrub, my vision eventually settled into the glorious, expansive palette that is the mountainous desert.


I am inspired by the local landscape, hugely vast, full of earthy hues and lush in its own unique way.

And so this journey throughout California has led to the equally wide and colorful world of Natural Dyes. It's a place where Nature, through Science + Art, permanently affects the tiniest of fibers and immeasurable swaths of fabric.

At ANINI Designs, I'm creating a sustainable,

eco-friendly, inspiring future of mindfully making, exploring  + teaching in SoCal.

Enjoy the beautiful serenity of Handwovens, Naturally-Dyed Goods, or learn yourself with premium Natural Dye Supply or a DIY Dye KitOr, join me at a local Workshop for hands-on fun!