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Osage ~ Natural Dye Results

Natural Fiber Results with Osage

Osage is a brilliant natural dye filled with radiant sun beams -- not over-exaggerating!

It's a true giver of botanical and bold golden hues.

Osage gives colors of pure sunlight, some brighter like the clear morning light, and others deeper and richer, like the afternoon rays piercing the shadows.

Mordants, like Alum, ensure the color will last while also brightening it a bit. And Iron and Copper shift it dramatically to a woody, deep, sometimes muddy, olive green hue.

Check out the results below for more variations.


Below, Osage shows in radiant and rich golden hues on protein fibers of wool and silk.

Below, two Silk samples:

pre-mordant of Alum + Osage, and

pre-mordant of Alum + Osage + a dip in Iron afterward.

And lastly, below, Osage shows in clear, bright yellows on cellulose fibers of bamboo, cotton and cotton velvet.

Notice that the weave structure of each has a great effect on the final color results as they interact with our eye.



For more information on Natural Dyes and each step of the Natural Dye process, check out "Intro to Natural Dye," ANINI Designs' 48-page eBook.

I cover everything I teach in my 4-hour in-person Intro to Natural Dye Workshops, in addition to offering eco-friendly adaptions to the process.


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