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Pomegranate ~ Natural Dye Results

Natural Fiber Results with Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a gorgeous fruit with a husk that both inspires and surprises many a natural dyer. Instead of enriching fibers with its glorious magenta hue, it imparts a soft yellow that can be turned up a notch with the addition of a pre-mordant of Alum, or shifted into the land of forest, reaching into olive-greens and greys, with a post-mordant dip in Iron.

Pomegranate gives a slightly richer hue to protein (animal-based) fibers and lighter, gentler hues to cellulose (plant-based) fibers.

Mordants, like Alum, ensure the color will last while also brightening it a bit. And, Iron shifts it dramatically to a olive-green-grey hue.

Check out the results below for more variations.


Below, Pomegranate shows in all its gorgeous yellow glory on protein fibers of wool and silk.

Below, two Silk samples:

pre-mordant of Alum + Pomegranate, and

pre-mordant of Alum + Pomegranate + a dip in Iron afterward.

And lastly, below, Pomegranate shows a tiny bit more muted on cellulose fibers of bamboo, cotton and cotton velvet.