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Madder ~ Natural Dye Results

Natural Fiber Results with Madder Root

Madder Root, earthy giver of ruddy reds to orangey-earth-browns (beware to not overheat if you want to stay in the reds), is a long-time favorite of new and experienced dyers.

Madder gives gorgeous, rich red color to protein (animal-based) fibers and slightly more muted rusty pink tones to cellulose (plant-based) fibers. Mordants, like Alum, ensure the color will last while also brightening it a bit. Iron shifts it, adding a deep grey layer of depth to make a moody rich red-grey shade.

Check out the results below for more variations.


Below, Madder shows in rich and rusty to bright, bold reds on protein fibers of wool and silk.

Below, two Silk samples:

pre-mordant of Alum + Madder, and

pre-mordant of Alum + Madder + a dip in Iron afterward.

And lastly, below, Madder shows a gorgeous forest brown on cellulose fibers of bamboo, cotton and cotton velvet.

Notice that the weave structure of each has a great effect on the final color results as they interact with our eye.