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Favorite Natural Dye Resources

Here are a few of my absolute favorite Natural Dye written resources. Each is helpful in its own way as you research and experiment with different fiber types, mordants, natural dyes and resist techniques.

May you enjoy and savor these amazing contributions to the art and craft of natural color as they help guide you on your journey!

Jenny Dean's WILD COLOR

A thorough look at a wide array of plants that can be used as natural dyes, as well as full descriptions of use for each.



A beautiful guide to using Natural Dyes, including a variety of fun project recipes with full directions.



A gorgeous book covering a range of Natural Dye techniques and recipes, including but not limited to: botanical ink making, bundle dyeing, and basic shibori methods.


India Flint's ECO COLOUR

A sumptuous book to inspire, enjoy and learn about the infinite possibility of Natural Dye and Mordant use.



An incredible book covering a huge variety of shibori technique and pattern using stitching to accomplish unique designs.


For more information on Natural Dyes and each step of the Natural Dye process, check out "Intro to Natural Dye," ANINI Designs' 48-page eBook.

I cover everything I teach in my 4-hour in-person Intro to Natural Dye Workshops, in addition to offering eco-friendly adaptions to the process.


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