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Cutch ~ Natural Dye Results

Natural Fiber Results with Cutch

Cutch, earthy natural dye of tans, caramels and forest browns, has a fragrant coffee-esque aroma that fills each fiber with shadowy depth.

Cutch gives golden caramel color to protein (animal-based) fibers and deeper, rich browns to cellulose (plant-based) fibers. Mordants, like Alum, ensure the color will last permanently, while also brightening it a bit. And, Iron shifts it dramatically to a deep cocoa brown shade.

Check out the results below for more variations.


Below, Cutch shows in radiant caramel to deep browns on protein fibers of wool and silk.

Below, two Silk samples:

pre-mordant of Alum + Cutch, and

pre-mordant of Alum + Cutch + a dip in Iron afterward.

And lastly, below, Cutch shows a gorgeous forest brown on cellulose fibers of bamboo, cotton and cotton velvet.

Notice that the weave structure of each has a great effect on the final color results as they interact with our eye.