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All in a Name

Hi, this is ANINI Designs' new blog...and I'm Jeanine -- Owner, Weaver, Dyer & Teacher here!

I've been meaning to make a website that allows me to add all of my products...and although it's taken me longer than expected...and is still in-progress as I write this's getting close.

So I thought I'd kick off this new Blog with a "Why ANINI?" post. Because my biz is named ANINI while my actual name is Jeanine.


Starting at the beginning, I grew up with the nickname "Electric Nini."

You can picture a bright blonde-haired, one-year-old for that to make sense. :) It was a name that still makes me laugh.

And when I decided to create this small-business, this name: "Electric Nini," kept returning to me as I pondered potential names. Sometimes ideas just keep making themselves known despite the fact that they really aren't perfect.

ELECTRIC NINI! Electric Nini. (I really wanted to incorporate it somehow.)

As I pondered all sorts of names (because what better to do when you're procrastinating on launching your new biz), I kept thinking, my work is earthy...not Electric. And indeed, in those first few months of my launch -- it was me, a dream, a loom and a manual bobbin winder, after all.

But even without "Electric," that left the other half, "Nini," up for grabs. And it too felt right, but just off.

And so it ended up that ANINI came to be...and Designs became the all-encompassing dream bucket. Potential. Expanding. Space to grow.

So ANINI Designs became my first small biz and my launch into a truly whole new world and community.

Thank you so much for joining, supporting and cheering me on!


Leave me a comment below. I'd love to know, what's a name you've deliberated over that you ended up having to leave behind or you at last settled on in your life (e.g. kids, projects, business)?

Subscribe today for more posts on fiber arts, weaving, natural dye and the intersection of each of these with the #mindfulmaking and #slowcraft movements. Cheers! - Jeanine

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