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Classic, luxurious and shiny Charmeuse Silk square, hand-dyed and ready to brighten any space.
Large enough to wear as a bandana, tuck into a pocket or purse as a handkerchief for a very special occasion, or as pictured, to adorn your treasured spiritual spaces as an altar/tarot/crystal cloth.
Silk is a traditional material for use with the sacred, and as fitting, this cloth is perfect for preserving your cards while laying spreads, and for wrapping in while not in use.

This item is high-quality silk, prepared, woven and hemmed with a hand-rolled edge in mainland China, experts in Silk.


Hand-dyed with low immersion techniques in the Southern California mountains, with joy, love, care and grounding energy by myself.
The dye used in this piece is one of two Natural Dyes, some are dyed with Cochineal and others Lac, providing a bright, earthy palette to explore as colors in the piece wander from dark to light, pooling in places, making it a one of a kind (OOAK) work of art.
Cochineal is a natural dye from the body of a tiny insect that lives on cacti. It has been used to dye textiles for eons, and more recently in the last few hundred years in make-up, and to color foods. It dyes in gorgeously, rich shades of pinks, magentas, reds and purples.
Lac is a natural dye derived from the secretion of a natural resin of a tropical insect. It is well known as the basis for other colorants in past centuries, like shellac and lacquer.

*This item comes in a variety of natural & hand-dyed options, as shown in the included photo in this listing.

* NOTE: All hand-dyed items are subject to “imperfection” in color consistency, dark and/or light spots, and flecks of surprising colors mixed in due to the nature of the dye process. If you, like me, enjoy these “imperfections” as their own creations, I encourage you to purchase. If you are looking for more consistency, please consider shopping for a factory-dyed item in another shop. Thanks!

* 1 Hand-Dyed Square Cloth is included. All other items (crystals, tarot cards, etc.) are not included in this sale.

DIMENSIONS: approx. 20 inches x 20 inches
FIBER: 100% Charmeuse Silk

NATURAL DYE: Cochineal (insect)

* All hand-dyed textiles have been hand washed and pressed before shipping.


In order to best care for your hand-dyed piece, be sure to always wash separately.
Color bleed can continue to occur long after the dye process is complete, though generally minimal.
Dyes are handwash-safe and fade-resistant, though long durations in direct sunlight or washing with harsh cleansers will fade most dyes.
An occasional gentle hand washing with a delicate soap and cold water is perfect. Lay flat to dry. Iron as needed and preferred.

ANINI MISSION: I am committed to creating pieces that speak in conversation with, for, and in support of our amazing environment.

By purchasing from ANINI Designs you are supporting an independent, work-from-home fiber artisan who is weaving her peace, love, joy and the future into each textile.

PROCESSING TIME: This item is ready to ship upon order. This item will be posted within 3 standard business days (not including holidays)...but generally speaking, I get things out to the post office on the day they are ordered or the next morning. :) If you specific time constraints, please do reach out to me before purchase. Thank you!

ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Items are shipped in a 100% recycled poly mailer, made entirely from waste, that includes a dual adhesive strip so you can re-use it before it's recycled once again. Larger items may be shipped in a fully recycleable cardboard box.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Buyer is wholly responsible for import/export rules to their country. Any taxes/fees will be paid for by the buyer.
GIFT ORDERS: Please add a NOTE upon purchase if you'd like a hand-written note included in your package.
VISIBILITY: Colors may vary slightly due to computer settings.
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