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Cochineal Natural Dye

Welcome to the world of Natural Dye!

The NATURAL DYE :: COLOR SHIFT KIT is a perfect place to begin exploring the gorgeous color of Natural Dye. It is a place where Science, Math and Art intersect. And truly a space of limitless exploration and experimentation.

This kit includes an Instruction Booklet that will walk you through the process of using Natural Dyes & Mordants (otherwise known as Fixatives/Fixers) safely, efficiently and with care.
It will give you the opportunity to dye not just one color, but to shift one color into multiple hues with a simple Post-Mordant Bath.
1 Dye = 2 Colors!
Cochineal creates bright pinks that shift to magenta and deep purples.
Wanna know more about it with a quick video?! Check out my short video on Youtube

This Natural Dye Kit will take you through the processes of preparing and using:

~ Mordant to permanently fix the dye so it's wash-fast and light-fast,
~ Natural Dye (Cochineal) to dye color into your fiber,
~ & Post-Mordant to shift the color derived from dyeing into other hues.

This kit is perfect for anyone wishing to learn about the basics of Natural Dyeing. It's especially perfect for the fiber-enthusiast--think knitters, crocheters, sewers, weavers, and more. Anyone working with yarn/thread/fabric/textiles has wondered what it'd be like to dye their own items to get that perfect shade or hue. The kit is equally fun for artists + crafters, designers + decor-lovers, science-math-geeks, teens, (older) kids + homeschoolers (with adult supervision) & home-chefs who've wondered about the process of cooking up color.

This kit contains everything needed to get started. It includes plenty of dye samples of different fiber types, both yarn and fabric, to explore the varying results. When finished experimenting with the included samples, there will be plenty of mordants and dye left for you to play with dyeing your own item(s) (the dye will continue, but will gradually fade into lighter tones).

* 1 pack of Natural Dye - Cochineal (insect)* Fair Trade, Organic
* 1 pack of Pre-Mordant - Alum
* 1 pack of Post-Mordant - Iron
* Set of 3 Different Fabric Samples
* Set of 4 Different Fiber Samples
* Instructions Booklet

* An Apron or Old Clothes / Gloves
* A Pot (preferably stainless steel or aluminum--not to be used with food afterward)
* A Stirring Tool / Tongs / Spoon (preferably wooden, stainless steel, aluminum or plastic--not to be used with food afterward)
* A Mixing Cup (paper/plastic work fine--not to be used with food afterward)
* A pH-Neutral Soap (Dawn, Washing Soda, Sodium Carbonate, Soda Ash, Sal Soda, Synthropol all work perfectly)
* A Place to Hang Samples and Dyed Items to Dry
* OPTIONAL: Fabric/Fiber to Experiment With -- There'll be plenty of leftover Mordant to soak your item(s) in and dye in the dye pot.

* COLOR NOTE: ANINI Designs is not responsible for the color you reach through this varied and multi-faceted process. Your color results will be determined by how you approach the Natural Dye process (e.g. as in, what minerals are present in the water you use, what temperatures you heat to, which mordant you use, what type of metal pot you choose to mordant and dye in, what fiber type you're dyeing, etc.).

* ANINI MISSION: I am committed to creating pieces that speak in conversation with, for, and in support of our amazing environment.

By purchasing from ANINI Designs you are supporting an independent, work-from-home fiber artisan who is weaving her peace, love, joy and the future into each textile.

* HEALTH NOTE: Natural Dyes and Mordants may cause irritation to skin. Each person has their own sensitivities. Please use with care and take necessary precautions (e.g. use gloves and face mask) while handling, pouring, transferring, cooking, etc.

* PREP WARNING: Mordant and Natural Dye Pots must only be used with dye processes. Do not use a kitchen-cooking pot that you plan on using again with food.

* ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: All kits are shipped in a recyclable cardboard box.

* INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Buyer is wholly responsible for import/export rules to their country. ANINI Designs is not responsible for knowing all international shipping law. This means, your country may not allow metallic salts and may be seized by customs. There will be no refunds if this should take place.

* PROCESSING TIME: This item is ready to ship upon order. Item will be posted within 3-5 standard business days (not including holidays). If you have specific time constraints, please do reach out before purchase. Thank you!

* GIFT ORDERS: Please add a NOTE upon purchase if you'd like a hand-written note included in your package.

* NO RETURN/REFUNDS: Because of the nature of Natural Dyes and Mordants, ANINI Designs does not accept exchanges or returns on any/all Natural Dyes, Mordants and Natural Dye Kits.

* VISIBILITY: Colors may vary slightly due to computer settings.
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