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Interested in Natural Dyes?

Intimidated by the terms "scour" and "mordant"?

Do you want to learn everything you need to know to use Natural Dyes, minus the lengthy scientific and mathematical jargon?

In "Intro to Natural Dye," you'll learn it all!

Whether you're completely new to the Natural Dye process or looking for a refresher, this eBook will get you oriented and ready for dyeing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Intro to Natural Dye" covers how (& why) to:

Scour (small & larger batches),

Mordant (quick & slow methods),

Natural Dye prep & Dyeing (traditional & low immersion process),

Set and Rinse...

On natural fibers of all types.

Sharing clear and concise directions, along with recipes and simple measurements, you'll feel confident to begin cooking with Nature's color.

The entire process, along with eco-friendly adaptions, are covered in this 48 color-filled page eBook, so you can start exploring, experimenting and adding a breath of Nature to your life and practice today!


Anyone wishing to learn about the Natural Dye process.

* Perhaps you've purchased Natural Dye and are not sure where or how to begin...

* Or, you're hoping to learn about the process before diving in...
* Or, you're in need of a refresher before jumping back in.
"Intro to Natural Dye" is a downloadable, instant digital resource that's perfect for any fiber or textile-enthusiast (think: knitters, crocheters, sewers, weavers, and more). If you, or someone you know, works with yarn/thread/fabric/textiles, you've likely wondered what it'd be like to dye your own custom, unique, earth-friendly threads to get that perfect shade or hue.
The e-book teaches how to get started in a complex and yet natural and simple process, and is equally fun for artists and crafters, designers and decor-lovers, science-math-geeks, teens, (older) kids and homeschoolers (with adult supervision) & home-chefs who've wondered about the process of cooking up color.

* INCLUDED: 1 instant digital download of "Intro to Natural Dye" by Jeanine Ertl, ANINI Designs, in PDF form. Available immediately upon purchase &/or later from your 'Order History Page' located on your receipt. Ebook includes 48-full color pages covering the Natural Dye process from start to finish.
* NOT INCLUDED: As mentioned above, this is an eBook. It does not include any of the fiber or fabric pictured.

* FORMAT: This digital eBook will be emailed to you immediately after purchase. The downloadable PDF is open-able on your device (e.g. smartphone, tablet, chromebook, laptop, desktop computer -- basically any device that can download PDFs). The page sizes are all 8.5" x 11" (inches) and display in full color. Please save the downloaded PDF to your device for long-term reading.

* DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: Upon purchase, you will be guided to a purchase confirmation page that will include a link to download the "Intro to Natural Dye" eBook. Feel free to download immediately.

If you do not download at this time and return to it later, please go to your receipt (sent to the email you entered upon purchase), scroll down, and click on "Order History Page." From there, you will be asked to enter your email and taken to your ANINI Designs orders. Your download(s) are available within the item(s) on this page. If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly at Thanks!

* COPYRIGHT: Upon purchase of this eBook, you receive one license for your personal use. Please do not share it with others or distribute it in any form. It is priced fairly so that this isn't necessary. Additionally, please do not save portions of, or share this e-book in its entirety, in your own teachings, classes, workshops, etc. It is a guide meant to help you learn and use the Natural Dye process for your own personal use or for natural dyeing for your own sale only.

* ANINI MISSION: I am committed to creating pieces that speak in conversation with, for, and in support of our amazing environment.

By purchasing from ANINI Designs you are supporting an independent, work-from-home fiber artisan who is weaving her peace, love, joy and the future into each textile.

* COLOR NOTE: ANINI Designs is not responsible for the color you reach through this varied and multi-faceted process. Your color results will be determined by how you approach the Natural Dye process (e.g. as in, what minerals are present in the water you use, what temperatures you heat to, which mordant you use, what type of metal pot you choose to mordant and dye in, what fiber type you're dyeing, etc.).

* HEALTH NOTE: Natural Dyes and Mordants may cause irritation to skin. Each person has their own sensitivities. This e-book covers the entire process but encourages you to use both a face mask to avoid breathing in particulates and steam, as well as gloves, especially if you have sensitivities. Please read and make your plans to use Mordants and Natural Dyes with care, taking all necessary precautions (e.g. use gloves and face mask) while handling, pouring, transferring, cooking, etc.

* PREP WARNING: Mordant and Natural Dye Pots must only be used with dye processes. Do not use pots, spoons, bowls, cups, and other kitchen implements that you plan on using again with food. This is noted clearly in this e-book.

* EU CUSTOMERS: Customers in the EU must pay VAT on digital products at the rate applicable in their own country regardless of where the seller is located. Buyer is responsible for paying these fees.

* NO RETURN/REFUNDS: Because this is a downloadable e-book, ANINI Designs does not accept exchanges or returns on any/all e-books, Natural Dyes, Mordants and Natural Dye Kits.

* VISIBILITY: Colors may vary slightly due to computer settings.
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