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Interested in learning to dye?

Looking for a ready-to-dye wearable?

Planning on making handmade gifts?


This is the super-popular-for-all-the-right-reasons, perfect cotton Market Bag.
It expands to fit...a whole lotta whatever you want to put in it.
It's easy to throw into another bag to take with, as it takes up little space.
And, it's about the size of a quite large grocery bag when filled.
~ ~ ~
It's perfect for its' namesake...Farmers Markets.
But it's also a legit favorite for the beach, lake or river...cause all that sand just falls right out.
And it's stylish as all get out.
~ ~ ~

And most importantly, it dyes beautifully! A fun accessory to add some color to, whether you dip it for an ombre' effect or soak it for deep rich color.

It's ready to dye and its natural cotton color will lend a warming tone to whatever dye you go for -- Indigo vat or some other Natural Dye!
~ ~ ~

For deeper, darker color, simply increase your dyestuff to achieve rich, saturated color.

For lighter hues, decrease your dyestuff quantity.

* MATERIALS: Cotton, Thread used to sew is a Cotton-Poly blend for longer durability.

* DIRECTIONS: This is not a kit. Please follow your own dye and application instructions to create a myriad of designs and colors on these ready-to-dye goods. Instructions are NOT included.

* COLOR NOTE: ANINI Designs is not responsible for the color you reach through this varied and multi-faceted process. Your color results will be determined by how you approach the Natural Dye process (e.g. as in, what minerals are present in the water you use, what temperatures you heat to, which mordant you use, what type of metal pot you choose to mordant and dye in, what fiber type you're dyeing, etc.).

* ANINI MISSION: I am committed to creating pieces that speak in conversation with, for, and in support of our amazing environment.

By purchasing from ANINI Designs you are supporting an independent, work-from-home fiber artisan who is weaving her peace, love, joy and the future into each textile.

* HEALTH NOTE: Natural Dyes and Mordants may cause irritation to skin. Each person has their own sensitivities. Please use with care and take necessary precautions (e.g. use gloves and face mask) while handling, pouring, transferring, cooking, etc.

* ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Individual & multiple quantities of smaller items are shipped in a 100% recycled poly mailer, made entirely from waste, that includes a dual adhesive strip so you can re-use it before it's recycled once again. Larger quantities may be shipped in a box.

* PROCESSING TIME: This item is ready to ship upon order. Item will be posted within 3-5 standard business days (not including holidays). If you have specific time constraints, please do reach out before purchase. Thank you!

* GIFT ORDERS: Please add a NOTE upon purchase if you'd like a hand-written note included in your package.

* VISIBILITY: Colors may vary slightly due to computer settings.

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