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Cochineal ~ Natural Dye Results

Natural Fiber Results with Cochineal

Cochineal are an amazingly fun dye to use because of their power-punch of color!

They don't play all...and have been known to just keep giving, even in very small quantities.

Cochineal graciously gives vibrant, bold pink, magenta and purple color to protein (animal-based) and cellulose (plant-based) fibers. It is variable depending on the mordant you use, shifting to deep purples with Iron, and brightening with Alum.

Check out the results below for more variations.


Below, Cochineal shows its bright fullest color on protein fibers of wool and silk.

Below, two Silk samples:

pre-mordant of Alum + Cochineal , and

pre-mordant of Alum + Cochineal + a dip in Iron afterward.

And lastly, below, Cochineal shows equally bold and bright colors on cellulose fibers, like bamboo, cotton and cotton velvet.

Notice that the weave structure of each has a great effect on the final color results as they interact with our eye.



For more information on Natural Dyes and each step of the Natural Dye process, check out "Intro to Natural Dye," ANINI Designs' 48-page eBook.

I cover everything I teach in my 4-hour in-person Intro to Natural Dye Workshops, in addition to offering eco-friendly adaptions to the process.


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