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These soft, fun + whimsical 100% Cotton Jersey hair scrunchies look cool slung on your wrist or holding your bun or ponytail in place.
They exude everything that Natural Dyes radiate -- pastel soft, rich earthy color.
Each has been hand-dyed with natural dyes in my home in the Southern California Mountains, using a low immersion dye technique that allows for water-savings while still yielding gorgeous + delightful color
Easy to dress-up with or wear casually.


PURPLE -- Cochineal (insect)
Radiates bright classic pink and lilac hues. Cochineal is a natural dye from the body of a tiny insect that lives on cacti. It has been used to dye textiles for thousands of years, and more recently in the last few hundred years, in make-up, and to color foods.

* NOTE: All hand-dyed items are subject to “imperfection” in color consistency, dark and/or light spots, and flecks of surprising colors mixed in due to the nature of the dye process. If you, like me, enjoy these “imperfections” as their own creations, I encourage you to purchase. If you are looking for more consistency, please consider shopping for a factory-dyed item in another shop. Thanks!

SIZING: Fits Children to Adults

FIBER: Cotton Jersey + Elastic

* All hand-dyed goods have been hand washed before shipping.

ANINI MISSION: I am committed to creating pieces that speak in conversation with, for, and in support of our amazing environment.

By purchasing from ANINI Designs you are supporting an independent, work-from-home fiber artisan who is weaving her peace, love, joy and the future into each textile.

PROCESSING TIME: This item is ready to ship upon order. This item will be posted within 3 standard business days (not including holidays)...but generally speaking, I get things out to the post office on the day they are ordered or the next morning. :) If you specific time constraints, please do reach out to me before purchase. Thank you!

ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Items are shipped in a 100% recycled poly mailer, made entirely from waste, that includes a dual adhesive strip so you can re-use it before it's recycled once again. Larger items may be shipped in a fully recycleable cardboard box.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Buyer is wholly responsible for import/export rules to their country. Any taxes/fees will be paid for by the buyer.
GIFT ORDERS: Please add a NOTE upon purchase if you'd like a hand-written note included in your package.
VISIBILITY: Colors may vary slightly due to computer settings.
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