About Artisan

ANINI Designs is the creative endeavor of a woman, Jeanine Ertl, who began in Northern California with one small loom, a free-thinking friendship with a Cistercian nun, and an old Belgian bin full of vintage fiber.

After being at home for a decade, homeschooling and mini-homesteading, she was catapulted into the past as she learned to crank the old warp forward under a canopy of old growth redwoods. 

Oddly enough, when perusing old photo albums, she discovered that even as a youth she had snapped photos of random looms, piles of fiber, and weaving artisans on her travels throughout Europe, South America and North America, in museums and shops, door steps and outdoor markets--old photographs that were long forgotten and oddly synchronistic now.

Yet, as much as this endeavor is rooted in an ancient past of old clanking looms and miles of richly-colored fiber, it is now propelling her toward creating a sustainable, eco-friendly, inspiring future in her new home in Southern California, a landscape full of earthy hues and inspiration.

                                                                                                               ~ JEANINE ERTL